CTTA Affiliated Clubs

Below are contact details of all the clubs currently affiliated to CTTA.  Click on the Club Name to visit its Web Site or you can contact the club through the mobile number or email address.

Club Name Address / Area Contact Mobile Email
Atlantic Triathlon Club Green Point Cricket Club, Cape Town Gert Wilkins 0733083127
DeltaSport MSC Claremont, Cape Town Gavin Kilpatrick 0722122058
Cape Multisport Club Bellville Cricket Club Lou Boltmann 0728854811
Club Multi Sport Maniacs Tableview Yolandi Laubscher 0715234793


About Clubs / How to become a Club

A club is defined as a non-profit organisation consisting of members with a common interest in the sport.  A club’s goal is to promote the sport and make it accessible to the wider community.  The Association does not want to prescribe how clubs are constituted or managed but it will impose some restrictions in terms of the commercial interests of a club’s management:

  • A club’s name may not be the same as that of a commercial business.
  • Club title sponsorship by a commercial company must be approved by the Association.
  • A club’s Management Committee must consist of at least 4 persons.
  • The number of person’s on a club’s Management Committee with commercial interests in the sport may not exceed 50% of the club’s Committee.
  • No more than 30% of the club’s committee may consist of persons with commercial interest in the same company.

The Association reserves the right to evaluate a club’s Committee and operations in terms of commercial interests and financial gain.

The Association reserves the right to impose an Affiliation Fee for Club Registration.

Clubs wishing to affiliate with the Association must apply in writing by completing the on-line form at the link below:

All affiliated clubs will be notified of any new clubs applying for affiliation and will be given the opportunity to comment on the affiliation of new clubs.

Affiliated clubs must have at least TEN members registered with the association.

Affiliated Clubs are required to provide the Association with the following documents, by the 30th of September each year:

  • The Club’s Constitution.
  • Financial statements of the Club’s most recently completed financial year.
  • Minutes of the club’s most recent AGM.
  • Names of person’s on the club’s Management Committee. (See guidelines in 2.6 below)
  • Details and Images of the official Club Kit.


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