About Us

Welcome to Triathlon in the Western Cape!  The Western Cape Triathlon Association was formed to serve the Districts in our Province, in line with the new structure adopted by Triathlon South Africa (TSA).  Each District will affiliate directly with TSA whilst WCTA will seek affiliation with Western Cape Sports and Recreation to further our sport at Provincial level.

WCTA will also be the administrative body that will assist District Triathlon Associations to establish themselves.


  • To promote, foster and administer the sports of triathlon and duathlon.
  • To  keep  triathlon  and  duathlon  free  of  racial  and  other  improper discrimination and interference.
  • To obtain recognition from and liaise with Western Cape Sports & Recreation and other sporting bodies.
  • To compile an annual triathlon and duathlon calendar.
  • As far as possible, to co-ordinate the calendar and other activities of the Association with that of the Federation and abide by the rules and regulations of the TSA and the ITU, SASCOC and SRSA.
  • To raise funds for any purpose of the Association.
  • Contribute to the objectives of TSA and District Associations.


The official Districts of the Western Cape are depicted above. Strictly speaking a Triathlon Association should be formed for each District but this will not be practical for some of the districts.  WCTA and / or CTTA will cater for members who live in a District that does not have a Triathlon Association.

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