WCTA AG League

PROVISIONAL Point Standings

PROVISIONAL Point Standings of the 18-19 WCTA Age Grouper League, for the 2018-19 Triathlon Season.  To view results from the 2017-18 Season. Click Here.

Last Updated:  2018-12-26

The Western Cape Triathlon Age Grouper’s League point standings, for all events up to Discovery ITU (10 Feb), will be published here soon…

This League is sponsored by ATC and will include all TSA / CTUTA sanctioned events within the Western Cape as well as events further afield, in which a considerable number of WC Triathletes participate.  Points are allocated on the following basis:

We calculate the average time to complete the event for each 5-Year age group (official ITU / TSA Age Groups).  If you complete the event in your Age Group’s average time, you will receive 500 points.  For every 1% that your time is faster than the average, you get an additional 10 points, up to a maximum of 1000.  For every 1% that your time is slower than the average, we deduct 10 points, down to a minimum of 100 points.

Please note the following:

We do not necessarily receive results from race organisers for each of the official Age Groups.  Some events only have 10-year age categories or even just juniors, seniors and vets.   For some events we have therefore estimated the average times for the official Age Groups.

Published point standings are provisional to give licensed athletes a chance to verify their results.  We will finalise results before the end of the season to determine the league winner.

Only your top four results will count towards the final league.  We will determine this once results for all league events have been received.  Currently we have all your points listed but only the top 4 results will count towards the final. 

Only holders of a valid 2017-18 TSA license will qualify for league points.  All 2017 TSA Licenses have now expired and members sho have not renewed havce been excluded from results.

For any queries with the Results and Points, please contact admin@atcmultisport.co.za

Point Standings as at 15 February 2019….


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